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Hello from Moscow.

We are having a great time here with our host, Sergey. Like last time, we are here to play for Russian audiences with our label mates, The Chain.

We are still on UK time, so by the time we woke up today, it was time to go to the venue. It is snowing here in true Christmas style. The venue we are playing is called Zavtra. Sergey our host was saying Zavtra in Russian means ‘tomorrow.’ He said he wanted a name to reflect the new music he was bringing to Russia from the west.

For those who saw Thursday’s Rolling Stone Russia article, but were unable to decipher it, our good friend Igor has kindly translated it here.

"In 2007 they arrived in a storm-like fashion to play The Brest Club for no more than just 50 inquisitive fans.

The British band, who are coming to Moscow for the third time, are establishing a cult status. The band formed by two brothers from North London, grew in popularity after their music was used on the soundtrack for the Kick-Ass trailer.

Desmond and Gavin Lambert, along with Rob Flanagan, play British rock with a modern twist. They compliment their lyrics about revolutions and Fidel Castro, with strong vocals and melodic guitars. With their recent single, ‘ Don’t Think,’ they are now trying to ease tensions in Russia at this revolutionary time with their guitar riffs, reminiscent of U2 and The Smiths.

If you are not going straight to jail after the demonstrations, try to drop in Pirogi Club Strenka (Zavtra) to drink some whisky. There you will hear songs with a similar theme to what you shouted in the streets of Red Square, performed by some very talented, hungry and skinny, lads from London!"

See you back in London!

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