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As winter and Christmas approach, SVM have been working on two final songs for the album. We just decided they were too good to leave off. The first is a track called ‘Gravity’ which we have been playing on and off live for the last two years. We never really got a satisfactory version down on tape, but we are now close to having a recorded version we like. The second is a track called ‘Allies Part 1.’ There will be two versions of this on the album – Part 2 many of you may have seen with our manager’s blackberry video of the string session, which we hosted a while back. If you miseed it, you can watch it again here.

December sees the band off to Moscow for some shows in Moscow and St Petersberg. We are very excited to be going back after the warm reception this summer. As for the UK and Europe, we are now waiting to see what tours and festivals our new agent will book us for the next year. We will release single two when a tour is in place. We had a great response from fans and investors on their choices for the next release and it will most likely be ‘How To Start A Revolution.’ The album is tentatively titled ‘Allies’ at this stage.

Two other things to look out for – Some Velvet Morning will shortly feature on The Independent Online and also on ESPN in a special Christmas feature. We will post links here as they become available.

If you haven’t found that ideal stocking filler yet for Christmas, what could be finer than a vinyl version of ‘Don’t Think.’ Thanks to all those that have bought it thus far – we have a few left, so get them while you can here.


PS: We hope that you have been enjoying the covers too – it will be time for D soon.

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