Are you ready for the Kat and the Band soundtrack album? It’s out now, featuring 8 songs by Some Velvet Morning plus other great tracks by our friends Karina Ramage, Wayne Fullwood and Nina Humphreys. The album is available digitally on all major platforms – check it out here.

Kat and the Band is directed by E.E. Hegarty and stars Ella Hunt, Katherine Kelly, Rufus Hound and Dougie Poynter. The movie centres on a clever, music-obsessed schoolgirl who creates her ultimate side-hustle: managing a struggling band, led by skeptical man, while balancing the average teenage pressures of friendship, school and family. The comedy was released in the UK on 13th July 2020 and the US on 11th August 2020

Here’s the track list of the album

1. Damocles – Some Velvet Morning (4:00)
2. Resistance – Some Velvet Morning (3:07)
3. Don’t Think (Japan Aircraft Remix) – Some Velvet Morning (4:04)
4. Whistleblower – Some Velvet Morning (1:44)
5. Musical Chairs – Some Velvet Morning (4:25)
6. Whilst You’re Not Around – Karina Ramage (3:22)
7. No Walls – Some Velvet Morning (3:53)
8. Something That Happened – Wayne Fullwood (2:35)
9. In Case You Forgot – Karina Ramage (3:55)
10. How to Start a Revolution – Some Velvet Morning (3:06)
11. Allies – Karina Ramage & Stephanie Fraser (3:16)
12. Satellite – Some Velvet Morning (3:15)
13. Road to Success – Nina Humphreys (2:55)

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