Continuing to make punchy, infectious rock music that resonates and pleases audiences, whilst simultaneously winning them a string of film and advertisement placements is why Some Velvet Morning have sustained longevity in an ever changing and fiercely competitive music industry. Maintaining a presence and ensuring you stay in people’s minds is one of the biggest challenges all bands face in today’s overcrowded music scene, where audiences have the entire history of music available to them at their fingertips.

Since Some Velvet Morning launched themselves onto the music scene in the mid 2000’s, they have succeeded in delivering a series of fool proof, catchy rock songs over two radio play-listed albums, ‘Silence Will Kill You’ and ‘Allies’. Stepping away from the tradition of releasing a single/album/tour, the band took a different approach with their last set of material and released one single each month to drum up anticipation and suspense for their next album. They have continued to engage new fans via their portfolio of eclectic music commissions and placements.

Rob Flanagan, drummer of Some Velvet Morning says: “Everyone in the band believes in the ethos of sticking to what you are good at. We have followed our passion and have been very fortunate to achieved success with our music over the last decade. We look forward to performing new material for our fans this autumn as well as getting the new record finished and into the wide world.”