‘Allies’ makes it’s release debut in France today, supported by Oui FM.  The album will be available on CD and download across all French stores including FNAC, Amazon and iTunes.

Click here to purchase the album.


“How To Start A Revolution is not short of ass-kicking tendencies itself.” Q Magazine

“80s pop instincts give a refreshing squeeze to songs like Hollywood, Control and Allies.” Classic Rock

“After hearing the album just a couple of times, I found myself humming its melodies for several days.” Subba Cultcha

“The Smiths and U2 re-imagined for the iPad clad generation and it works a treat.” Music Week

“Surging bass lines and chiming guitars that, for indie types who still haven’t found what they’re looking for, even after years of exposure to the Editors and The White Lies, will immediately warm to.”  The Guardian

“It’s not very often that there is an album closer that instantly makes you want to jump back to the start and go on the ride again, but the subtle guitars along with Desmond’s raw vocals do just that.” Soundcheck Magazine

“358 fans ‘ponied’ up £100,000K to make the album.” Time Magazine

“An anthemic sing along trait is a trait that appears through this impressive collection.” Shout 4 Music

“After listening, I had to play it again and again, and again, then still wanted more.” Ampkicker

“Their lyrics and songs are far more interesting than their UK contemporaries.” The Fly

“An assured album showcasing the huge potential of the band.” BBC Music

“Their sound has stadium rock written all over it.” Manchester Evening News

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