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Some Velvet Morning's second album. Includes the singles 'Don't Think' and 'How To Start A Revolution' as featured in the trailer for Kick-Ass.

Track Listing:

1. Unterbrechen / 2. How To Start A Revolution /
3. Beautiful Dress / 4. Resistance / 5. National Valentine /
6. Hollywood / 7. Allies; 8. Times Like These / 9. Don't Think / 10. Control / 11. NY City Cell / 12. Allies (Reprise) /
13. The River.

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Silence Will Kill You

Some Velvet Morning's debut long player from 2007.  Features the singles 'Losing My Mind', 'Pretty Girl' and 'Propaganda'.  'Silence Will Kill You' was nominated for XFM's album of the year, 2007.

Track Listing:

1. Losing My Mind / 2. Propaganda / 3. The Nightshift /
4. Pretty Girl / 5. Stolen Love Song 6. Stone Cold /
7. One Day You'll Love The Things You Hate / 8. Godless /
9. Settle Down / 10. Let The Good Times Come My Way /
11. The Madness Of Crowds

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How To Start A Revolution

Some Velvet Morning's second single from 'Allies.'  It features unique remixes of 'How To Start A Revolution' by Japan Aircraft and The Syncdrifters.

Track listing

1. How To Start A Revolution
2  How To Start A Revolution (Japan Aircraft Remix)
3. How To Start A Revolution (Syncdrifters Remix)

Don't Think

The first single from 'Allies' released as a limited edition vinyl 45 and download.  The single features two unique remixes of 'Don't Think.'  The vinyl features 'Don't Think' c/w 'Beautiful Dress'.

Track Listing:

1. Don't Think
2. Don't Think (Japan Aircraft Remix)
3. Don't Think (Escape The Wreckage Mix)

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How To Remix A Revolution EP

5 winning remix entries of 'How To Start A Revolution' in Some Velvet Morning's competition with Indaba Music.

Track Listing:

1. How To Start A Revolution - Japan Aircraft Remix
2. How To Start A Revolution - Synchdrifters Remix
3. How To Start A Revolution - Rubber Spanner Remix
4. How To Start A Revolution - Kyle Kelley Remix
5. How To Start A Revolution - G. Mole (Daniel Elliott) Remix

Some Velvet Moning - Official T-shirt

Some Velvet Moning - Official T-shirt

Some Velvet Morning's Official T-shirt, available in Olive or Black. 

Only Ladies Small and Medium sizes are currently in stock.

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Some Velvet Morning EP Download

Some Velvet Morning EP

Extracts from the album 'Allies.'  Includes a rare bonus track, 'Peace'.

Track Listing:

1. Resistance
2. National Valentine
3. Hollywood
4. Peace

Propaganda Download


Some Velvet Morning's final single from 'Silence Will Kill You.'  'Their lyrics and songs are far more interesting than their UK  contemporaries.'
The Fly

Track Listing:

1. Propaganda

Pretty Girl Download

Pretty Girl

What's a Pretty Girl doing in a place like this?  'With a catchy chorus that rolls smoothly over Lambert's creamy vocals and guitar riffs reminscent of The Police and Franz Ferdinand, the single will please both fans new and old.'
Pennyblack Music

Track Listing:

1. Pretty Girl

Settle Down Download

Settle Down

Some Velvet Morning's sophomore single from 'Silence Will Kill You'. 'It's blatant blues rock influence and indie pop sensibilities is reminiscent of The Zutons and it's as catchy as hell.'
Big Issue

Track Listing:

1. Settle Down

Losing My Mind Download

Losing My Mind

Some Velvet Morning's debut single.  'Why should you care?  Because throaty blues rock gets your blood pumping.'
Total Guitar

Track Listing:

1. Losing My Mind

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